Director of Communications and Public Engagement – City of Cleveland Height

The City of Cleveland Heights seeks an experienced marketing/advertising/PR firm to help advance the goals of the City to reach new residents, businesses and visitors. Attached are two separate requests/Scope of Work for consideration.
1.)     Citywide marketing effort to promote Cleveland Heights as the destination of choice for living, shopping, dining, visiting, and starting a business. We are looking to expand on our current efforts to reach a broader audience in creative ways.
2.)     Marketing effort to promote the new tax abatement program in Cleveland Heights – a citywide CRA. Position Cleveland Heights as a great place to start a new business, invest/improve current business structure, and available to certain homeowners.

Follow link for details on the Scope of Work.—RFP-PR-Marketing-Firms?bidId=

Your proposals should be submitted by 5:00pm on May 24, 2019 to:
Mary Trupo (216) 291-5794
City of Cleveland Heights
40 Severance Circle
Cleveland Heights, OH   44118 /

Please send two hard-copies as well as an electronic submission. Preference will be given to local firms and also to firms that have experience working with cities or counties or other government entities/municipalities.

Public Relations Society of America, Greater Cleveland Chapter