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Nominations for 2015 Hill, Lighthouse, Young Awards Now Open

The Hill, Lighthouse, Young Awards Committee is currently seeking nominations for the 2015 Awards. The nomination process has been updated in an effort to make it easier for those wishing to nominate a deserving practitioner.

Nominators will be asked to first complete and submit a short nomination form. The committee will then review the submitted nominations and determine who should proceed to the next step of the nomination process, which is the completion of a longer nomination form. This form will address specific questions and will help the committee in making its selection of that year’s winners.

Our hope is that this improved process will make nominating an individual easier and more accessible.
Nominations for the 2015 Awards are now open. Short nomination forms are due to the committee, via Committee Chair Lisa Smith, APR, no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 19, 2014. Instructions are included on each short nomination form.

Click here to access the nomination forms.

2015 Hill Short-Form Nomination Form

2015 Lighthouse Short-FormNomination

2015 Young Short-Form Nomination Form

Questions? Reach out to Committee Chair via e-mail: lisa_m_smith@keybank.com.