Welcome to PRagmatic: Chronicles of the Greater Cleveland PR Community


By Brittany Thompson, PRSA Cleveland Publicity Chair

The definition of pragmatic is to deal with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. That definition appears when you google the term, as does “matter of fact,” “sensible” and “businesslike.”

And all of these synonyms can be used to describe PR professionals. They do more than just garner free publicity for clients or spin crises into wins. PR Professionals are storytellers, content drivers, media enthusiasts, social media navigators, and conversation starters. They are pragmatic business professionals tasked with driving brands (internal or external) and building revenue for corporations and clients alike.

“PRagmatic: Chronicles of the Greater Cleveland PR Community” is a creative hub and resource for PR practitioners to gather, share best practices, industry insight, and more. We’ll tap into the evolution of the field of public relations with the latest relevant content, sharing stories on how top Cleveland PR pros from legends to newbies are tackling and conquering the industry. Topics will range from paid media, corporate PR & culture, social media, campaigning, vertical PR, and more.

If you’re interested in being an official blog contributor, please contact Brittany Thompson. You’ll be required to submit a quarterly piece on a topic of your choosing (or you can pick from our calendar).

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Welcome to PRagmatic! We look forward to seeing you every Friday.

Brittany M. Thompson is a Business Wire Account Executive, short story writer and PRSA Cleveland Board member. You can follow her @uptownbrittany.

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