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Americans deeply divided about the country’s direction.

The nation weary from an unending war.

A surge of activism across the country.

This describes present-day America, yet it also reflects the country’s mood in 1970. Americans were polarized by their views of the Vietnam war and violently disagreed about what it meant to be an American. The turmoil launched a new era of student activism.

These parallels provide a powerful backdrop for the 50th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State. How will the university commemorate this solemn milestone in today’s environment of political discord and intense media interest?

You are invited to a unique opportunity to hear first-hand from Rod Flauhaus (Project Manager for the 50th Commemoration) and Roseann Canfora (May 4 Witness & Survivor). They will discuss the communications, PR and planning strategies involved in preparing for the remembrance of this national tragedy.

Their presentation will include how to manage educational initiatives along with messaging for internal & external audiences, political agendas, divisive social media, national and international media, and controversial viewpoints as Kent State University prepares for the historic event — all taking place during a contentious political season.

-Martha Belden

Public Relations Society of America, Greater Cleveland Chapter