Independent Practitioners Section Provides Camaraderie

By Amber Shulman, APR, Candid Virgo Communications

I have been a member of the Independent Practitioners Alliance (IPA) Section for nearly five years. I joined just about the same time I started my own practice, which proved to be quite an adjustment for me, after spending over 20 years working for employers.

As a sole proprietor, it’s important to me to be able to connect with others for camaraderie, support, and information; much like I did with my coworkers. I have found my section membership to be tremendously valuable, as it gives me the opportunity to do so.

The IPA Section boasts nearly 300 members who are able to connect via the PRSA IPA Forum, personally by email or phone, and through in-person meetups, the Section plans surrounding PRSA regional and national conferences.

The Section also hosts monthly webinars, at no cost to members, on topics that pertain to running a public relations business as an independent. It can be challenging! The ability to connect is paramount, as independents often have lots of questions pertaining to not only PR topics and best practices working with clients, but also the business side of things: health insurance, time tracking and accounting tools, etc.

I also serve on the Section’s executive committee and have gotten to know other independents from across the country. We have a lot of laughs and it’s been a great source of professional support.

I encourage you to look into a section that pertains to your work. Visit PRSA’s website here to view all the professional interest sections available to members. Most sections cost $60 per year and offer much value for the price.

Public Relations Society of America, Greater Cleveland Chapter