Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Dear Friends of Greater Cleveland PRSA:

By now, we hope you’ve had an opportunity – or take the time – to read the message from T. Garland Standsell, 2020 PRSA Chair, and his thoughts on the heart-breaking current events. We also want to take a moment to touch base directly with the members of the Greater Cleveland PRSA community.

We should take time to remember George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice and other African Americans who have been victims of injustice, prejudice and violence. They each will long be in our hearts and never forgotten. We pray for healing for their families and friends as well as our nation and for guidance on what actions we must take to begin making a positive difference. As such, we condemn all structural racism against African Americans and the harmful impact it has on all Americans.

As Garland stated, it’s clear that the current climate in our country is not healthy, and we communicators are in a critical role to lead the conversation. Further, as communicators, we must inspire others to practice inclusion and equality for all citizens. 

As we navigate through this, your Greater Cleveland PRSA Board of Directors wants you to know that we have resources available to empower change. It is our commitment to shifting the narrative of messaging in the industry by ensuring all voices are heard and respected.

Alongside PRSA National, we have already made it a priority for our chapter to grow and strengthen our work toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization and profession. We represent all professionals in the field, and here are just a few initiatives we’ve committed to:

  • Incorporating inclusion and diversity into every topic at our monthly programs;
  • Hosting programs focused on bringing more multicultural understanding to public relations and communications professions;
  • Seeking partnerships with diversity group representatives;
  • Sharing best practices, thought leadership and other resources for racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation and gender differences; and
  • Maintaining relationships with Northeast Ohio universities to cultivate talent, particularly diversity of talent, for future generations of communications professionals

Also, just this week PRSA released its 2020-2022 Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, which our chapter will work to implement hand-in-hand.

We’re at a pivotal moment in our history, and we have the opportunity to shape our future. It’s an opportunity for us all to make the difference that we want to see. While we all have different thoughts and opinions, it’s our diversity that makes us stronger.

We welcome any questions, conversations or ideas on which you want to engage with us. Reach us at prsacleveland@gmail.com.

It is our hope that we will find a way to spark love (not hate), inspire change and step forward into a brighter future.


The Greater Cleveland PRSA Board of Directors

Public Relations Society of America, Greater Cleveland Chapter