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I Love My Section: Public Affairs and Government

By Jenn Elting, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

For public relations professionals wanting to develop their careers within a specific industry, PRSA offers Professional Interest Sections. These groups help members connect with others in the same fields, oftentimes experiencing the same issues unique to your specific industry.

Personally, I love my section: Public Affairs and Government (PAG). Whether connecting online or in-person at a Section Conference, it’s as if I’ve met my people. My tribe, so to speak. Whether we represent city, county or state governments; branches of the military or public safety forces; public utilities; federal departments or agencies; trade associations or various organizations, we all share the same struggles – and the same stories – and can rely on each other for support, for ideas, for advice.

In addition to PAG, there are 13 other sections available to PRSA members.

For anyone interested in attending a 2019 Professional Interest Section Conference, here are some upcoming opportunities:

For PAG’s summit, the Call for Presentations is currently open through Jan. 11. For more information, visit http://apps.prsa.org/Conferences/PAG/cfp/instructions today.

I Love My Special Sections


By Ed Stevens, APR

I have been a member of PRSA since 1992. While my roles on the boards of the Greater Cleveland and NW Pennsylvania Chapters were fulfilling, my membership in a number of special professional interest sections was just as rewarding and more closely allied with the clients and industries I serve. Besides frequent section events in conjunction with PRSA’s international conference, the sections also produce valuable standalone conferences, workshops and seminars.

Travel and Tourism. Since my firm represented so many organizations in the food/food service category, the travel and tourism section was a natural fit. We visited outstanding restaurants, culinary institutes and exchanged war stories from Chambers and entertainment centers across the United States. I found these people to be some of the most engaging personalities in PRSA.

Counselors Academy. If you want to push the needle in your firm or organization, this is the section for you. You learn from great speakers in fantastic locations and from each other. If you want to measure your mettle against others in the PR community, join the Counselors Academy.

Health Academy. I got very close to PRSA’s NYC headquarters staff and healthcare professionals with awesome credentials. Very impressive. Working as a co-chair for a health academy conference, I learned how exciting it is to be part of a PRSA section with professionals who really care about both the health of America and the PR environment.

Technology. This section seemed to have some challenges. However, the workshops our firm attended or webinars we chose were very valuable. I was least active with this section. Which leads me to say this about participation with any section – as well as PRSA itself – is that you get out what you put into your section.

PRSA itself is sometimes its own best-kept secret. Open the door to all PRSA offers. Hit the website.